Kampala Art Biennale

Kampala Art Biennale is a showcase of contemporary art from Africa with the goal to display, educate and create debate about the value of art in society.
The Kampala Art Biennale is an initiative of the Kampala Arts Trust, a collective of visual and performance art practitioners living and working in public and private spaces within the precinct of Kampala City. It was born out of the need for inclusion faced by artists working on the African continent trying to reach the global art scene.

The Kampala Art Biennale has seen two editions;

  • KAB’14 – Progressive Africa, directed by Daudi Karungi and Henry Mzili
  • KAB’16 – Seven Hills, curated by Élise Atangana

“Our commitment to the arts seeks to acknowledge Africa’s artistic heritage, protect its legacy and contribute to shaping its future. Projects such as the Kampala Art Biennale have the ability to develop artists and new audiences and offer supporting organisations the unique opportunity to realise this commitment.” – Daudi Karungi, Director of Kampala Art Biennale